Henry James Bridles - Review

Tammy Levasseur

Posted on January 08 2023

Henry James Bridles in Canada a On The Bit Tack and Apparel

We have recently brought in a selection of Henry James bridles from the UK and I sent out several for our On The Bit Inc. Certified Bit Fitters to use and give their reviews on. Overwhelmingly, they were very positive, so I have decided to offer them in the shop.  

Check out a full selection of Henry James Bridles.  

Some of their thoughts, after fitting and riding in the bridles with their personal horses:

First, I absolutely love the quality of the English Sedgwick Leather.  It’s unlike most other commercial bridle manufacturers' leather.  Leather quality is at the top of my list when selecting bridles.  Top quality Sedgwick Leather softens and conforms to the unique shape of the horses head.  

Second, the anatomical features have been thoroughly thought through.  The 3D and 4D crown pieces elevate pressure over the nuchal ligament.  

Last, the removable flash nosebands are genius.  When the flash is removed, there is no trace of the flash connection.  No tab or loop remains which can be unappealing.

Tammy Levasseur 
On The Bit Inc. Director
Lantra Certified Bit and Bridle Fitter
Ontario, Canada

I am really happy with the grackle! It is actually the first time a bridle fits perfectly on my mare. The grackle comes with the 3D air headpiece that is very well designed. It just fit like it was meant to be there. What I really liked is that the middle part of the grackle did not move at all. Usually, it comes down when it’s loose. Also, there is two buckles on each side to adjust the grackle, which is a nice feature. I love the quality. Honestly I am very happy with the product. 

Frederique Duplain
On The Bit Inc, Certified Bit Fitter
Quebec, Canada

Love the off set throat latch strap -The throat latch being placed where it is, puts less bulk near the TMJ like most bridles that have everything all together at the same point just below the browband -The anatomical crown piece is very nice. It looks pretty big at first glance but once on it sits nicely behind the ears and doesn’t touch the back of his ears like some do. I love the way the noseband is shaped. It’s brought down to avoid the facial crest. The padding tapered down towards the end to make it less bulky near the bit. I’m quite happy with the quality. As I was adjusting the straps when I first received it, it wasn’t too stiff and the leather “broke in” easily without it looking cracked. I’ve only had it on him twice and rode with it today. I think it’s a good quality bridle and fits very nicely with nice features.
Tania McDermott
On The Bit Inc., Certified Bit Fitter
Eastern Ontario, Canada

Not only did we bring in full bridles but more importantly we brought in Individual pieces.  This allow for a more custom fit.

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