Become an On The Bit Certified Bit Fitter

Perfect Equestrian Side Hustle

Are you prepared to be part of the expanding equestrian service industry? Perhaps you're seeking a career or lifestyle change? Just like saddle fitting was 15 years ago, bit fitting is an emerging equine service in North America, and you have the chance to be among the first to attain an On The Bit Inc. Bit Fitter Certification.


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As one of the most experienced Lantra Certified Bit and Bridle Fitter in North America (a UK-based certification), I recognized that the demand was too significant for me to fulfill alone. My goal is to ensure that each province/state has at least one certified bit fitter to meet the growing demand. 


“Tammy has created an exceptional knowledge and science based bit fitting program. She was always there, and quick to answer questions and give support when I needed it. I now feel extremely confident with fittings as I have been taught by the best with the most up to date tools available.”

Tania McDermott, 

On The Bit Inc.

Certified Bit Fitter


“I did the bit fitting certification with Tammy. I am now successfully working as a certified bit fitter in the province of Quebec. Tammy is a great teacher. Her course is very complete and easy to go through as it is well structured and interesting. I learned a lot. The practical part at the end helped me to feel confident to start taking clients right away. This opportunity is a great way to help the riders improve their relationship with their horses and reach their objectives, while respecting their well-being.”

Frederique Duplain,

On The Bit Inc.

Certified Bit Fitter


The Offering

On The Bit Inc. Bit Fitter Certification Program is not merely offering a course but instead a complete business package for you to become a competent bit fitter and launch your successful practice.

The program is approximately 4 - 6 weeks of online learning and then a 4 day practical in Bonfield, Ontario, Canada (Date TBA).  It will include not only the course but all the tools,  bits (for purchase at the practical) and support necessary to get your business off the ground.

To protect your investment, I am limiting the number of fitters. So, APPLY NOW to avoid disappointment.

I'm actively seeking fitters in the following provinces.

  • British Columbia 
  • Alberta 
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • PEI
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland
  • USA

What You Get

The cost of the course covers the following:

  • Online Course Participation 
  • Practical Participation 
  • A kit with all necessary tools 
  • Bits available to purchase at the practical at special contract pricing
  • Access to the On The Bit Inc. Mobile App (valued at $1500) 
  • Swag (branded shirts, ball caps…) ($100)
  • ROI is approximately 25 fittings

Continued support

  • Continued access to the mobile app (fee based)
  • Promotion through my website (Find A Bit Fitter Near Me, profile page for each certified fitter)
  • Continued support from me and our growing community of fitters  

How Do You Get Started?

  1. APPLY
  2. Once accepted, a Licensing Agreement will be sent to you for review.
  3. Payment for the course will be due before starting the course.
  4. You'll receive an invitation to the online course.
  5. Join us for the practical session in Bonfield, Ontario.