Bit Fitting Clinic

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Bit Fitting Clinic with Lantra Certified Bit Fitter Tammy Levasseur

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My clinics are now recognized by Equestrian Canada as Coach Professional Development under Category 2 - Equine Development (3 points)

Lorinary is the science of bit and bridle fitting. During my Bit Fitting Clinics, many facets of bitting will be explored including the horse's oral anatomy, common metals/materials used in bits, forces applied to the bit through the reins as well as the action of the bit in the horses mouth and head upon contact.  We will also discuss where those forces will contact the horses anatomy including poll pressure and pressure on the bars and the commissure of the lips and the palatine arch.

After learning these facts you will come away with a much deeper understanding of how the bit acts and how you affect the bit in the horses mouth.  With this information you will be able to make more informed bitting choices.

As part of the clinic I will walk through a typical bit fitting session and discuss what I’m looking for during the session. 

Head and Oral Assessment 


  • Symmetry
  • Feeling for Sensitivity – tmj, nasal process, poll, teeth, hyoid, chin groove
  • Smell mouth and nasal passage

Oral Cavity

  • Assess bars, bone spurs and structure
  • Assess palette height and width (palette profile)
  • Assess height of interdental space
  • Look at commissure of lips for rubs or cuts

Bitting Materials

I will go over the pros and con of the various materials used in today’s bits.  This is an awareness piece and will arm participants with knowledge when they select their next bit.

Action of the Bit

Both Class 1 and Class 2 bits will be discussed.  How they sit in the mouth (initial angle) and what happens inside the mouth upon rein contact (working angle).

Also discussed will be bit interferences in a double bridle and what to check for.

Rein Contact Analysis 

A demo rein contact analysis session will be conducted to assist in the understanding of the forces that are being applied through the reins. 

Question Period 

If you are interested in booking a clinic at your facility please contact me to schedule.