Equine Bit Fitting Services in Canada

Equine Bit Fitting Services in Canada


Equine Bit Fitting is a long standing profession in Europe however up until now it has not been offered in Canada.  I'm proud to offer individual bit fitting sessions as well as clinics throughout Canada. 

We have several services to help you improve your communication with your equestrian partner.

Lorinary Science or bit fitting takes many factors into account .  During my fitting sessions and clinics many facets of bitting will be addressed including the horse's oral anatomy, common metals used in bits,  amplified forces applied to the bit through the reins as well as the action of the bit in the horses mouth upon contact.  We will also discuss where those forces will contact the horses anatomy including poll pressure and pressure on the bars and the commissure of the lips and the palatine arch.

After learning these facts you will come away with a much better sense of how the bit acts and how you affect the bit in the horses mouth.  With this information you will be able to make informed bitting choices.

Benefits Of a Equine Bit Fitting Session

  • The knowledge that the bit is appropriate and if any issues remain you will know for certain that they are behavioral and need to be address through training.

  • Addressing specific bitting issues.
  • Eliminate the need for constantly purchasing new bits to try them out.  I will come stocked with bits to try and purchase.

  • Knowledge is key.  You will now be aware of the forces applied to the bit and how the bit acts in the mouth of the horse upon contact.

  • A document of my assessment for your review.

  • Improved comfort of your equine partner and improved contact.

  • Discussion of EC bitting rules for showing.

All these factors and many more will be assessed and discussed with the client or auditors.  The current bit will be assessed and any necessary recommendations will be offered.

Please contact me if interested in booking a clinic or an individual fitting session at info@onthebittack.com.

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