BR Equestrian Equipment - Bridle Review

Tammy Levasseur

Posted on May 08 2017

BR Equestrian Bridles

BR Equestrian has an absolutely stunning line of bridles to suit any English discipline.  High quality leather and thoughtful anatomically designed for utmost comfort for your horse.

They come in a variety of prices ranges to suit most pocket books. 

The BR Equestrian Bentham II Snaffle Bridle is crafted in top quality leather with padded and raised brow and nose band as well as a padded crown piece for added comfort.  It comes in full black or black with white lining for an added touch of class.

The BR Equestrian Dartmouth brings a refinement to the Snaffle Bridle.  A stunning brow band of crystals and beading and rolled leather cheek and throat latch.  All buckles are hidden from view making for a very clean appearance.  Softly padded nose band and crown piece for added comfort.

Lastly, the BR Equestrian Wendover Weymouth Bridle is adorned with Swarovski Crystals on the brow band that catch the light just right.  The extra wide patent leather crank nose band is softly padded and raised.  The symmetrical and anatomically formed headpiece is also softly padded. This double bridle would be a cherished item in any dressage enthusiasts tack room.

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