Winderen Rigid Mullen Mouth

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Winderen Gel Bits System bits are made of durable synthetic gel that’s comfortable and readily accepted by horses, and at the same time is extremely resistant to being destroyed by chewing.

The Winderen Rigid Mullen Mouth does not have any flexibility in the mouthpiece while still offering a soft feel on the bars and tongue.


  • Horses that have problems with getting on the bit and yielding to the hand
  • Sensitive horses that have difficulty accepting a metal mouthpiece
  • Horses that destroy synthetic bits by chewing on them
  • Horses allergic to metal bits

This innovative system combines several styles of mouthpieces with a variety of cheekpieces which are all compatible and can be interchanged depending on the requirement.

The synthetic gel used in a Winderen mouthpiece has been fully tested and found to be completely safe for horses. It has FDA certification, which is internationally recognized as proof of high standards, quality, and safety. This means that your horse can safely chew the Winderen bit with no ill effects.