Art and Science of Bit Fitting - Addressing Contact Issues

Contact issues are a language horses use to express discomfort.

Art and Science of Bit Fitting

From tongue evasions to hanging on the contact or going behind the vertical, each behavior is a unique form of communication. It's our responsibility to decipher these messages and address our horses' needs.

Embark on a transformative journey with Tammy Levasseur, the Owner and Director of On The Bit Inc., and a seasoned Lantra Certified Bit and Bridle Fitter. In this self-paced e-learning course, Tammy will be your expert guide, sharing her wealth of experiences and knowledge as a Bit Fitting Specialist.

"No magical bit exists that will fix all your horse's contact issues, BUT there is the right bit."
— Tammy Levasseur, Lantra Certified Bit Fitter

Key Course Highlights:
- Gain insights into understanding and addressing contact issues.
- Finally comprehend the horse's oral cavity and the interplay of the bit.
- Understand the dynamic action of the bit.
- Learn from Tammy's extensive experience in bit fitting.
- Access a self-paced e-learning platform for convenient learning.

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What People Are Saying:

"If you’re wondering about this...just DO IT! Great learning experience & incredibly informative! 😁"
— Kristy Barber

"One fantastic learning experience! I had Tammy come out to my farm for 2 days of clinical and private fittings. Excellent education and the transformation in the horses when they had the correct bit was truly inspirational. Thanks, Tammy!"
— Melanie Pais

"Tammy does an amazing job. I truly enjoyed our clinic, and it was amazing to see the transformation in the horses with a bit that actually fits in their mouth."
— Kareylee White

About Tammy Levasseur:
Tammy has been prominently featured in publications like HorseSport and Horse Canada, and she has shared her expertise on numerous Equestrian Podcasts. As a dedicated Lantra Certified Bit Fitter, Tammy is recognized as a leading authority in the realm of bit and bridle fitting.

Our Mission:
We are dedicated to delivering qualified yet practical bit-fitting advice and guidance to North America. This educational opportunity is open to anyone eager to expand their knowledge of bit fitting for personal use. Once payment is received, you will be granted access to our comprehensive e-learning platform.

Join us in creating a harmonious connection between you and your horse. Enroll today and let the journey begin!