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Equine Bit Fitting is a long standing profession in Europe however up until now it has not been offered in Canada.  I'm proud to offer individual bit fitting sessions as well as educational clinics throughout Canada. 

I hold a Lantra Certification in Bit and Bridle Fitting as well as a Certificate of Lorinary Science.  For being the top student in my program, I was awarded the Loriners Award from the Worshipful Company of Loriners (UK, Est. 1261).


What You Can Expect from Your Fitting Session

During your session, various measurements of your horses oral anatomy will be recorded. Your current bit and bridle configuration will be assessed for appropriate fit based on the measurements taken. The measurements of your horses oral anatomy and any contact issues you are experiencing are all taken into account to recommend appropriate bits for you and your horse.


Since I began collecting data as part of my fitting sessions, I’ve found that 83% of horses’ bits were incorrectly sized (58% were too small and 25% were found to be too big) leaving only 17% of bits appropriately fitting the width of the horses’ mouth.


Bit Fitting Session Fees

A snaffle bit fitting session fee is $200 and $250 for a double bits ($300 for both snaffle and double).  A $50 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking your session. 

*This fee structure is for fittings within a 500km radius.  If flight is required this structure does not apply. Contact me for more details.


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What People Are Saying


"One fantastic learning experience! I had Tammy come out to my farm for 2 days of clinical and private fittings. Excellent education and the transformation in the horses when they had the correct bit was truly inspirational. Thanks Tammy!!"

Melanie Pais


"Tammy does an amazing job.  I truly enjoyed our clinic and it was amazing to see the transformation in the horses with a bit that actually fits in their mouth."

Kareylee White


"If you’re wondering about this...just DO IT!  Great learning experience & incredibly informative! 😁"

Kristy Barber

Benefits Of a Equine Bit Fitting Session

  • Knowledge that the bit is appropriate for the work.
  • Comfort in the knowledge that the bit fits the oral anatomy of the horse and if any issues remain you will know for certain that they are behavioral and need to be address through training.
  • Addressing specific bitting issues
  • Eliminate the need for constantly purchasing new bits to try them out.  I will come stocked with Neue Schule bits to try and purchase.  
  • Knowledge is key.  You will now be aware of the forces applied to the bit and how the bit acts in the mouth of the horse upon contact.
  • A document of my assessment for your review and can be used as a guidance document for future bit purchases.
  • Improved comfort of your equine partner and improved contact.
  • Clarifying EC bitting rules for showing.  

Are you ready to book?

Please fill in the following Bit Fitting Questionnaire. This will help me prepare my bit bank for a successful session.

If you wish for quicker service, tell your barn friends and I can schedule your barn for a full day of fittings.

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