Henry James Double Dressage Bridle

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The Henry James Double Bridle couples leading edge design techniques and top quality English Sedgwick Leather to produce a bridle that is unparalleled in today's market.  

The headpiece benefits from anatomical 4D padding which acts as a buffer at the base of the ear along with a central air gap which avoids contact on the last two vertebra of the neck the padding extends below the browband to offer complete unrestricted comfort.

The Henry James 4D Air Comfort Double Headpiece is designed to accommodate the curb and bradoon on the two outer billets whilst the noseband billet is tucked in behind for a clean finish.

Thanks to the headpiece design there is no noseband strap sitting across the poll which can rub or cause pinching. 

The throat lash strap has been strategically integrated into the headpiece to reduce the bulk in the sensitive TMJ area and allowing for the noseband and cheek piece buckles to lie flat against the horses skin. 

Our unique anatomically shaped crank noseband dips down at the sides to avoid contact with the horse’s cheekbones. A popular choice for dressage bridles, with a completely removable flash attachment, leaving no loop when removed. 

(Nosebands are only compatible with headpieces that buckle either side) 

  • English Sedgwick leather
  • Solid stainless steel fixings
  • Anatomically designed
  • Includes throatlash