Scharf Helmets in Canada at On The Bit Tack and Apparel

Tammy Levasseur

Posted on February 20 2018

Tina Irwin - Scharf Shiny Top Helmet

If you attended the Carl Hester Clinic in Toronto in Oct 2017 you were undoubtedly mesmerized by the fantastic riding and some of us were also excited by the new line of helmets worn by Tina and Jamie Irwin and Rebecca Edwards, Carl's demo rider.  

Welcome Scharf Helmets to Canada, now available at On The Bit Tack and Apparel.

These helmets are light, airy and adjustable.  The are unique as they combine all the fantastic qualities wished for by rider like no other helmet.  Designed to fit and flatter most head shapes.

Scharf Helmet standard and a bespoke range offers a line of helmets that will suit all tastes and budgets.  From all matt black to shiny metallic top with your own logo in crystals.  The Scharf Bespoke Helmets are hand painted and adorned in Swarovski Crystals, Pearls or Granite Stones to your liking.  Made to order.

Check out our line of Scharf Helmets or contact us with your unique requirements.


Photo Credit: Karie Elizabeth Photography

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