Keep It Shaved - Mud Fever Prevention

Tammy Levasseur

Posted on March 26 2017

LeMieux Turnout boot for mud fever prevention

This time of year I'm reminded of my elderly British trainer and the annual ritual of shaving horse legs to prevent mud fever/scratches. 

Each year we would shave the all the horses' legs in the stable, there were only 5 so it wasn't a huge chore and then we would apply Penaten Cream liberally from the cornet band up past the fetlock joint.  This cream is a thick barrier cream commonly used in the prevention of diaper rash.  The Penaten Cream acts as a barrier to prevent the damaging bacteria from gaining access to the sensitive skin around the fetlock area during mud season.  Apply daily to clean dry legs prior to turn out.

She never had any issues with mud fever even considering the muddy conditions and in particular the one horse with lots of chrome.

I continue this yearly tradition and have added the Lemieux Turnout Boot for added protection.  This boot stays in place and provides good coverage.  When I bring my mare in I hose them off and let the dry over night.

Many have also been successful with Pink Hoof Clay.

If you have had a horse suffer from mud fever you may want to consider this method.

Again this is a preventative measure and prevention is the key.

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