Bit Of The Month - Neue Schule Team Up

Tammy Levasseur

Posted on August 20 2023

Neue Schule Team Up
Hello friends!

I have decided to start a "Bit Of The Month" Series, to discuss some of the features, benefits and uses of different bits we are frequently asked about.

This month’s Feature Bit is the Neue Schule Team Up Loose Ring Snaffle Bit: This bit is an excellent all-around double-jointed mouthpiece. Horses that are easy in the contact and have no special limiting factors often go very well in the Team Up.

The Team Up bit is anatomically designed, soft, easy and comfortable for the horse to carry. It is not ideal for horses that are heavy in the contact.

For more information on this bit, visit our website:

Stay tuned for March's Bit Of The Month Feature - Coming soon!

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Tammy Levasseur
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