BIT OF THE MONTH - Herm Sprenger KK Balkenhol

Tammy Levasseur

Posted on November 28 2023

BIT OF THE MONTH - Herm Sprenger KK Balkenhol
Introducing the Herm Sprenger KK Balkenhol Loose Ring—a game-changer for horses with normal to high palates! 🐎✨ Experience unparalleled responsiveness and lightness with its unique joint configuration, minimizing any potential for palate interference while providing some tongue relief for those horse that need it.
Ideal for horses needing assistance and those that tend to hang on the contact. It's also perfect for horses with a narrow palate, providing a tailored solution for various needs.
The rein aid pressure on the tongue-edges and lower jaw is more intense, making it an excellent choice for horses unresponsive to traditional bits. If you have a horse that tends to lean on the bit, using the reins as their "5th leg," this is your go-to solution.
This single-jointed bit is not recommended for angular, sharp bars or horses with a low palate.
Contact your local bit fitter to see if this bit is right for you and your horse.
Available in both Loose Ring Snaffle and Bradoon Ring options! 🌟🐴

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